MILA is a place where visions will create a new world, MILA‘s world.
Deep search for meaning and need to understand what lies behind an image,where the meeting point for Milli and Lola (MILA) is a genuine sharing of experiences and passions.

man ferrari3 copia



MILA becomes the careful eye, able to see and feel what is hidden to many. MILA tells stories that are close to dreams, where the unconsciousness is the guide and at the same time the answer. Photography, styling, editing and sound blend into a vision that captures the essence of a style and becomes a communicative channel, able to interface different realities and adaptable to multiple contexts. Room03 is the first Editorial by MILA. The filou rouge is a cinematography essence, splint into three periods, three different personalities. One of the strengths of MILA is the ability to change always mood, thinking about what surrounds it.

Music by Bob Tha Funk
Model Caterina Shulha
Make up Giulia Pareti
Hairstylist Jill comb-Centore
Thanks to StudioDmoda, 360onequarter, Leitmotiv and Gian Luca Ricci

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