MICHELA PICCHI | Omnia Sunt Communia



Inspired by Thomas Müntzer’s claim “Omnia Sunt Communia”, Michela Picchi joined the Communia cause in Rome and following the concept idea of “All Things are Common” she shared and painted 8 meters wall of her magical imaginary world that emerges from the reflection of a mirror.

Michela Picchi was born in 1987. After a degree in political and economic studies, she went to undertake her graphical studies and now works as a freelance illustrator and artist. Through her colorful palette and magical illustrations, she has conquered a space of visibility within well known blogs, among many Satellite Voice of Dazed & Confused, Gestalten, Baubauhaus, and GetInspiredMagazine, The Design Blog, and also featured in the new book Behind Illustrations II published by the Spanish IndexBook.

Soundtrack by BDW

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