Milan Fashion Week | Fendi

Dream a Neverland, with sirens and goddess.
Light is playing with leaves. In the jingle jangle morning, someone is following you. She’s Diana, the greek hunt lady, sensual and proud. The femme is fatale, yes, but in another way: strong, determined and powerful.
Fendi woman wears dresses like ancient Samurai armor and walks like goddess. The runway and the atmosphere, the fashion icons and the style: click on play and be with us in the dreamlike Fall/Winter ’13 Fendi Show.

猶如夢般的仙境裡,有美豔的賽任(希臘神話裡半人半鳥的女海妖)和驚艷的女神,有陽光跟翠葉在玩耍。在一個煩聲刺耳的早晨,似乎有人在尾隨著你。原來是那位希臘神話中既自豪卻又感性的狩獵女神,戴安娜。她的美是傾城的,同時又是那麼的堅定和充滿力量。Fendi模特兒在走秀看臺上,雖然穿著衣衫有如古代武士穿上他們的鎧甲,但走起來卻唯美的像女神。整個看臺和氣氛,以及周圍靜坐的時尚名人和他們代表著的時尚風格:請追隨我們進入夢一般的Fendi 2013秋冬系列。

Milan Fashion Week | Video is coming

Soundtrack by Maesia:

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