KEEP YOUR FORM | Carbon Fiber Design Contest 2011

TheMoodIt & ATR GROUP presents :

KEEP YOUR FORM | Carbon Fiber Design Contest 2011


For over 50 years, the carbon fiber was used mainly in sports and engineering masterpieces, it’s an exceptional material that has always made us dream and binding us exclusively to high technology products and unparalleled engineering…this, until now!

The competition has the goal of giving new life to a material with a lot of unmatched qualities.
Its applications are countless.We expect to receive innovative, stylish and original carbon fiber applications.
Designs must contain the right balance between different materials, so as to enhance the high flexibility and tensile strength of carbon fiber.
Competitors will be given an amazing opportunity to express their creativity, abandoning the ties that bind the consumer’s world to the “Already seen”. You will have the freedom to express yourself in any field of design and create products related to the concept of “Peerless Form”!
The contest mood is the looking ahead with responsiveness but always preserving the uniqueness of the “craft” product.

The categories are:

  • Lighting
  • Furniture
  • Fashion

The winning prototype of each category will be built and exposed at the Modena Fair 02 / 02 /2012

02_Design criteria
Projects must be new and cannot be already in production. Previously published or exhibited projects will not be accepted.
It is important that you keep your design(s) confidential until the results of the competition are published.

03_Submit your entry / entries
Send 3 files to our mail: (Images or a composition of more images of your project)
Please note: use only .jpeg, (72 dpi) max 800 kb each file, RGB color mode.


You have the possibility to explain your design by entering a brief description, in the text entry fields (english only, explanation is expected to be concise).
By submitting your entry, you and all members of your team are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions of the contest. All individual team members will be treated as accepting these Terms & Conditions upon a submission being made.


a) All submissions must be original works. The participant warrants that he or she is the owner of all copyright, design rights, patent rights, rights in trade or service marks or other trade names, inventions, confidential information, know-how, and trade secrets or any other intellectual property rights including all moral rights (Intellectual Property Rights) in or arising from the design submission, and that the submission or its use, reproduction or display in any from or media (including in future publicity materials) will not infringe the Intellectual Property or other rights of any person or entity and does not require any form of payment (including royalty payments) to any person in order for them to be used or reproduced. Only entries with a declaration of authorship are accepted! (when submitting your design you will be asked to check the box of declaration)
b) ATR & TheMoodIt reserve the right to make use of the winner’s (and all team members) names (and age and town/city of residence, excluding their full address) and photographs in future advertising and other PR or marketing communications, as they see fit. Winners and selected finalists may be required to provide photographs and to participate in publicity activities, for which no remuneration will be paid.
c) The decision of the jury appointed by the organizers shall be final and no correspondence shall be entered into.
d)Registration deadline application will be accepted through december 31st, 2011
e) Judging will take place on or around 10 January 2012 and winners will be notified by email.


  • Andrea Massi: General Director ATR Group
  • The Mood It Design Team (Design)
  • Angelo Bratis Winner of Who’s the Next/Vogue (Fashion)

Download pdf: here
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