Milan Woman Fashion week | SS 2012

The Moodit team was walking around in Milan during the last fashion week s|s 2012.. the best moments of the models backstage and front row at the runway of Fendi , Jo no fui, a big pool party with a tropical and glamour flavour mixed with the bon ton and retro’ from 60’s cocktail hour in L.A., Iceberg the interpretation by the way man’s wears convert in a femminine taste and Marco De Vincenzo a woman from a very basic sensual femininity, like that of a modern-day Olimpia.
THE MOODIT 团队在米兰的春夏2012时装周期间游走,为您发掘时尚新闻与新星 这里您可以体验到珍贵的 Fendi 时装秀的后台花絮与天桥前排风采,您还可以看到Jo no fui带来的60年代的热带与复古风采相融合的洛杉机泳池鸡尾酒派队。而Iceberg将男装用女性气质重新演绎为全新的女装系列。最后,Marco De Vincenzo先生为我们带来了一个简约的性感的女性特质,如一个活在今日的Olimpia.

Sountrack: “Meteo” by Le Rose


  1. Great Job! Waiting for the next chapter!

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