Who is on next? & The talent store | Milan Fashion Week SS 2012

Discover with us the new upcoming fashion designer during the Who is On Next?2011 event at Palazzo Morando, Milan.

 Winner of 2011 edition was our friends Angelos Bratis (interview).Guest of the night Anna Wintour e Franca Sozzani, Silvia Venturini Fendi, Frida Giannini, Eva Riccobono.
Simone Rocha Ireland,Dublin http://www.simonerocha.com
Tulle,leather, crepe de chine, lace and transparent overlays mixed that create the very original Simone Rocha’s style.The shoes are particular lifted by an invisible plexiglass wedge that seems to fly who wear them.
To Long-Nam, Paris http://www.tolongnam.com
The latest collection for S/S 2012 takes its inspiration from butterfly; this beautiful creature who reppresents two sides of the same coin;one side is beautiful, fragile and precioius as a woman while the other , more rational cold straight as a man.The concept is a mix of elements from femmine and masculine world who create a pure, minimal style to a woman who want to be modern.
CO|TE , Milan http://www.co-te.com
The collection is based on the concept of ‘the lightness of being’:starting from a macro print of multicoloured ballons it rediscovers the playful side of every woman.
The particular construction of the collection,made of interchangeable pieces that can be assembled like a puzzle to create several different looks for any occasion.
Paula Cademartori, Brasil http://www.paulacademartori.com
A collection inspired by the hollywood atmospheres of the 1960’s, between the glamour of the shots of the photographer Guy Bourdin and the modern functionality of the Italian craft tradition.
Edudon Choi , London http://www.eudonchoi.com
For SS12 Eudon Choi reinvents classic sportswear shapes from decades past with modernist edge and clean silhouettes.

与我们一起在米兰举办的Who is On Next?2011 中搜寻新晋时装设计新星吧!
2011年度的冠军是我们的密友Angelos Bratis先生, 而当晚出席活动的嘉宾均为时尚界巨头,我们可以看到Anna Wintour 女士, Franca Sozzani女士, Silvia Venturini女士 Fendi, Frida Giannini女士与 Eva Riccobono女士的身影.
Simone Rocha来自爱尔兰的都柏林 http://www.simonerocha.com 薄纱,皮革,双绉,蕾丝与透明的叠层一同创造出独特的Simone Rocha风格。而独特的透明有机玻璃鞋楔让穿着者如悬飞在空中般轻盈。
而巴黎的To Long-Nam, http://www.tolongnam.com 其最新的2012春夏系列的灵感来源来自蝴蝶,这优雅的生物如硬币一般体现了两面性,一面如女性般柔美与易碎,另一面理性的如男子。 这个概念将女性元素与男性世界混合,而为想成为摩登女性的女子创造出一个纯洁与简约的时尚世界。
CO|TE , Milan http://www.co-te.com
米兰时尚新星CO|TE品牌 , http://www.co-te.com 其系列遵循‘the lightness of being’的概念: 用多彩气球为图案让我们重新发现每位女性俏皮的一面. 而运用通用的可变换的元素打造的独特结构,有如拼图般让我们可以为各种场合打造不同的造型。
Paula Cademartori, 巴西 http://www.paulacademartori.com
她的时装系列重温了60年代的好莱坞风范,在摄影师Guy Bourdin的图片魅影与意大利传统工艺的现代功能性中游走。
Edudon Choi , 伦敦 http://www.eudonchoi.com

SoundTrack: “Algae hunter” by Maesia

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