Who is on Next ? Angelos Bratis | Rome2011

Exclusive interview with Angelos Bratis winners of the seventh edition of the Who’s is on Next? 2011 contest.

His collection is called ECHO LOVES NARCISSUS and it’s inspired by the famous Greek myth that the fashion designer feeling more contemporary than ever; we’re living in a digital and narcissistic era where everybody communicate through the web to have a feedback of our life but at the end is only echo of ourselves, unreal.
The collection is geometric with triangle and rhombus , fluid and architectonic, colors are from the social network as
Facebook blue Twitter light blue, natural materials without too much seams as an antic Greek peplum designed directly on the mannequin,
a perfect fusion of his Greek origins with the future.
Play and Enjoy!
在此為大家呈獻2011年度第七屆 “誰是下一位”時裝競賽的冠軍-Angelos Bratis的獨家專訪。
他設計的系列名為ECHO愛水仙。系列的靈感源於著名的希臘神話和設計師獨特的現代觸感;他認為,我們生活在數字和自我迷戀的時代,幾乎每個人都透過網絡溝通而得到回應,可是我們得到的也只是虛幻的回音。設計巧妙的運用了三角形,菱形,流線行和建築上常用的幾何圖形,而顏色方面則是運用了大家熟悉的Facebook 藍和Twitter 淡藍色為主。天然的材質和簡單的縫合技術,完美的在模特兒身上展現出歷史與未來的結合。請大家細心欣賞!

Discover more on Angelos Bratis blog
Soundtrack by: Marta de Pascalis “7 Pillows”
Cello: Stella Veloce


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