This project starts from Rome, inexhaustible spring of new ideas and suggestions beside being a perfect stage of action.

The dialogue with the City is central to the project because it is the field where the material is retrieved. Starting from the City, SBAGLIATO aims to export some roman elements outside the City, even abroad, and at the same time to begin a reciprocal process through the integration of architectural elements coming from different cultures.
SBAGLIATO bases its experimentation on the theme of the gap: one of the most immediate architectural elements of the field of vision. Its implementation process generates a synergy among architecture, graphics and photography. The poster shows to be the ideal communication vehicle because it is suggestive, ephemeral and civilized since it anyway preserves the individual liberty to remove it in the case one think that it is SBAGLIATO.
該項目以羅馬為起點,利用街道上取之不盡的建築物轉化為一個傳達藝術的舞台。透過圖畫與城市對話,是這個行動的主旨。SBAGLIATO希望透過在羅馬以外,以及國外的城市, 將富有羅馬文化色彩的元素,在同一時間內與不同文化的建築物相互融合。SBAGLIATO在主題和視野層面有豐富的經驗,並將其融入到建築物當中。在實施過程當中,以圖形和攝影之間的協同作用產生一個獨特的架構,再以海報展現出來。由於海報是最理想的傳達工具,當大家知道這些作品SBAGLIATO的時候,任何人都可以依照個人自由選擇保留或將他們刪除。

Soundtrack: Fabrizio Mammarella


  1. Fabiola says:

    Wow!!! bravissimi!! quando verrete a londra???

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