Hic Sunt Leones | Carhartt Square | Rome

RISE ABOVE a.k.a Marcello Crescenzi, an italian well known illustrator, realized in 2011 a series of panels to improve and communicate the first edition of THIS IS MY STORE, the CARHARTT and SNOB PRODUCTION eight events campaign to promote some of the most important Carhartt stores all around Italy.

The concept of this work, as any other RISE ABOVE production, is deeply rooted in the past, in the stones and in the history of every city. The result is an eight panels series with carved in stone lions portraits taken from the most important monuments of the cities involved in the tour.
The lion as an ancient symbol of pride and glory that embodies devotion to our own work, basic concept of THIS IS MY STORE’s campaign. A long pride history told through lions faces sculptural beauty and solemnity. HIC SUNT LEONES exhibition will gather together, in the new Snob Production headquarter, all the lions panels formerly realized to be shown separately. The meaning of the ancient roman expression “hic sunt leones” was referred to completely unknown territories ready to be explored or conquered.
RISE ABOVE 同時也稱為 Marcello Crescenzi, 是義大利眾所周知的插畫
師。他在2011年實現了一系列的畫作,以改善和溝通第一個THIS IS MY STORE
系列。CARHARTT 和SNOB PRODUCTION 透過八場的推廣活動,籍此將一些
在義大利知名的CARHARTT 店鋪宣揚開來。
正如其他的RISE ABOVE 作品,它的概念主要植根於對過去,石器和各個城市的
時也是THIS IS MY STORE 的基本概念。通過石獅子雕塑的美感和嚴肅的面孔講
HIC SUNT LEONES 的展覽將聚集在新的 Snob Production 總部,屆時所有的獅
子畫作將會以獨立的形式展現在大家的眼前。其中“hic sunt leones” 系列傳達著古
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