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This is our new video made for Baby K & Blackblessed!
Thanks to MILA STUDIO.


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MILA is a place where visions will create a new world, MILA‘s world.
Deep search for meaning and need to understand what lies behind an image,where the meeting point for Milli and Lola (MILA) is a genuine sharing of experiences and passions.

man ferrari3 copia

wbaby4MILA becomes the careful eye, able to see and feel what is hidden to many. MILA tells stories that are close to dreams, where the unconsciousness is the guide and at the same time the answer. Photography, styling, editing and sound blend into a vision that captures the essence of a style and becomes a communicative channel, able to interface different realities and adaptable to multiple contexts. Room03 is the first Editorial by MILA. The filou rouge is a cinematography essence, splint into three periods, three different personalities. One of the strengths of MILA is the ability to change always mood, thinking about what surrounds it.

Music by Bob Tha Funk
Model Caterina Shulha
Make up Giulia Pareti
Hairstylist Jill comb-Centore
Thanks to StudioDmoda, 360onequarter, Leitmotiv and Gian Luca Ricci

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LOST (REPRISE) | The House of Peroni


TheMoodIt meets Rhò.
The Italian musical artist Rhò features in this exclusive black-and-white film for The House of Peroni
Campania-born Rhò is a rising star at the edgier end of Italy’s pop music scene, creating electronic melodies overlaid with moody vocals.
This melancholic video directed by MILA and TheMoodit, captures the atmosphere of Rhò’s contemplative track Lost (Reprise).

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G-Star | Rome Flagship Store | Opening

In January 2013, during AltaRoma, G-Star RAW opened its first monobrand store in Rome.
It is G-Star’s first store in Rome to feature the brand’s full concept under one roof. The store perfectly aligns with G-Star’s denim craftsmanship that represents both luxury and raw streetwear.



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Michela PICCHI | Omnia Sunt Communia



Inspired by Thomas Müntzer’s claim “Omnia Sunt Communia”, Michela Picchi joined the Communia cause in Rome and following the concept idea of “All Things are Common” she shared and painted 8 meters wall of her magical imaginary world that emerges from the reflection of a mirror.

Michela Picchi was born in 1987. After a degree in political and economic studies, she went to undertake her graphical studies and now works as a freelance illustrator and artist. Through her colorful palette and magical illustrations, she has conquered a space of visibility within well known blogs, among many Satellite Voice of Dazed & Confused, Gestalten, Baubauhaus, and GetInspiredMagazine, The Design Blog, and also featured in the new book Behind Illustrations II published by the Spanish IndexBook.

Soundtrack by BDW


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BLACKBLESSED | Temporary Store @ DODDO Officina Indaco


Till 31st Jan , here.





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Schermata 12-2456656 alle 17.45.47

MILA’s project born from a genuine sharing of experiences and passions.
Photography, styling and editing are all mixed up into a single communicative channel by interfacing different realities in the way to highlight the coherence of a style that have to be adaptable to multiple contexts: we tell stories that are close to dreams, where the unconscious is a guide and at the same time the answer, and where objects are harbingers that come into direct contact with the main character.
Evolution, a principle of continuous growth: this is MILA

Video by TheMoodit

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